Below is a testimonial from Dan Cookson.  Dan came to our Guided Ascent Program.

I want to thank you very much for making the Mt Blanc guided ascent such a rewarding experience for me. I have taken a lot of good things from it. It was a privilege for me to be able to go to the edge of my current limits, and I appreciate your determination and expertise in getting me there safely.  I feel a real sense of achievement which I owe to you and which I cannot underestimate. In my opinion you are a fantastic guide and I would recommend you to anyone. The trip has encouraged me to keep working on my fitness and I look forward to us taking on more climbs in the future. I would be keen to plan another trip, maybe with skills and fitness acquisition as the main objectives. If you could let me know when you might be free, and when would be a good time to plan something, that would be great. Thanks again!

~ Dan Cookson, New Zealand.

Our Guided Ascent Program is designed for fit, experienced mountaineers who wish to climb with the assistance of a mountain guide. Click here for more information.