About Us

About Chief Guide Wolfgang Maier of MountaiNZ-inc

What makes MountaiNZ Inc different?

We believe that mountaineering is a deeply personal journey and the ‘one size fits all’ approach is not part of our philosophy. That’s why we dare to be different and offer high quality, personalised and inspired mountain climbing adventures for individuals and private groups only. Our mountain climbing courses are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level climbers so there are options for climbers with different mountain skills.

At MountaiNZ Inc, we are passionate about helping you to discover the spirit of adventure while having the time of your life in the mountains! We want to get to know you personally and provide the best possible adventure to suit your personality, abilities, and aspirations.

With over 20 years experience climbing and guiding in the alps of Europe and New Zealand, Chief Guide Wolfgang Maier has the experience and know-how to ensure you get the best trip possible. With an excellent safety record and climbing prowess, Wolfgang has the ability to inspire confidence and enthusiasm in his clients. His passion is to help people achieve things they never thought possible on a mountain! Wolfgang is also a passionate rock climber and takes great satisfaction in seeing how clients can improve rapidly with his climbing development techniques.

About The MountaiNZ Inc Team

Wolfgang is supported by his partner Tracey and a small team of hand-picked professional mountain guides and alpine trekking guides. Together, we work hard to create unique and unforgettable mountain adventures for our clients. Our team will guide you up the classic peaks and alpine routes in the Southern Alps or introduce you to the less well-known mountains ‘off the beaten track’. We strive to be the best at what we do and give 100% of ourselves in every moment with every client in the pursuit of excellence and the spirit of fun and adventure.

Our mountaineering courses are OutdoorsMark Safety Audit Certified and Wolfgang is a certified mountain guide with the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations.

Wolfgang and Tracey also run Moonlight Bed & Breakfast in Lake Tekapo – we are happy to provide your accommodation in Lake Tekapo.